18 Wheels of Steel - Across America

18 Wheels of Steel - Across America 1.0

18 Wheels of Steel - Across America is a great driving simulation game
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18 Wheels of Steel - Across America is a fantastic game of the series in which you are the owner of a trucking business and you must haul cargo across the entire United States. Your goal is to make money, dominate the roads and eliminate the competition. You start with little cash and then you have make enough money to add dozens of upgrades to your trucks. During the game, you must make important decisions that can make you lose or save money and time. You must do everything in your company, from hiring the drivers, select the the trucks and trailers, and of course maintain them in perfect conditions. You must also deal with other issues such as managing the fuel, bad weather conditions, tricky loading docks that require pinpoint precision, among many others. The game includes a great variety of trailers, rigs and more than 30 types of cargo including livestock, chemicals and mobile homes, among many others. It features good graphics and sounds, but not outstanding with a pretty repetitive music. However, I'm sure that those who love driving simulation games are going to enjoy it very much. The latest games of the series show important improvements and new features worth trying. It supports Windows 98/XP/ME.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Good graphics and sounds. Amazing scenarios. Great variety of cargos


  • Repetitive music. The trucks are not very customizable
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